Mental Health Awareness Month

By: Dayanara A. Now that it is June, May is completely behind us. However, I don't know if many are aware that May was Mental Health Month. It is to spread awareness of the mental illnesses that people suffer from. Millions of Americans struggle everyday living with mental health issues as a daily obstacle. During [...]


The Observer

By: Dayanara A. This is going to be my first attempt at posting a poem. I have seen that poems get a bad reputation for being boring and cliché, but poems are just another form of expressing. After continuous observations, I believe that the fact that poems are seen in a bad light is due to [...]

The Power of Words. Is it Truly Stronger?

By: Dayanara A.  Ever heard the saying the pen is mightier than the sword? Words are supposed to be stronger than anything, they should be able to outlive all the dangers in the world. However in reality words aren't used in any type of war, but that doesn't mean words cannot make sort of impact. Books, newspapers, [...]