The Power of Words. Is it Truly Stronger?

By: Dayanara A.

 Ever heard the saying the pen is mightier than the sword? Words are supposed to be stronger than anything, they should be able to outlive all the dangers in the world. However in reality words aren’t used in any type of war, but that doesn’t mean words cannot make sort of impact. Books, newspapers, magazines, and even television contains words that give off a message. Television may poison people’s minds as the old folks say, but it is the words these people say on TV that the viewers pay attention to. Ever think what television would be like now if the people on the screen said nothing at all? The younger generation who didn’t live with silent movies doesn’t appreciate how important words actually are. It is the words, the sentences, and phrases that move the story along. The message behind words can be powerful. Whether the message is positive or negative, it can change the direction of the whole situation. In these modern days where technology rules the nation, words may not seem as important because of how fast a person can look something up on their cell phone. Therefore maybe the pen is mightier than the sword, but not in the way we think. Words don’t always come out on top, but we can take a lesson on how to use it wisely. In reality, words are seen as the underdog, and they don’t come out on top like it should in a perfect world. However, it is the people who are wise enough to realize how to use their words to their advantage.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Words. Is it Truly Stronger?

  1. I too believe in the power of words. Actually, messages and language are very important to real wars! Propaganda, whose whole point is to make people feel/believe things using words and imagery, is crucial in times of conflict. For example, anti-Communist propaganda played a huge role in getting the American people to distrust and dislike the Soviet Union and that, in turn, had many advantages for my country. Perhaps us writers can feel a little pride in knowing that our politicians realize how powerful we are. 😉


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